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Taste Of Manila 2023

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Taste of Manila
10th year celebration

Mabuhay! The longest running original Filipino street festival, Taste of Manila, is celebrating its 10th year in 2023 at the corners of Wilson Ave. and Bathurst St. Toronto, ON. The area is also popularly known as Little Manila, will host the event on August 19 and 20, 2023.

Organized by the Society of Philippine Artists, Recreation and Community (SPARC), a non-profit organization whose people behind it have organized successful events in the community, the Taste of Manila 2023 festival promises to be a better, merrier and a bigger celebration!

Recognized as the original Filipino street festival in Toronto, ON, it is fully supported by the City of Toronto and the Government of Ontario. As we try to disrupt the way festivals are held in Ontario, we promise to hold an exciting street party that has never been seen before.


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With our early promotion plan on social media and traditional print ad advertising (including flyers+posters), we will definitely reach more than the average of 300,000 yearly attendees. Our advertising plan also includes the mainstream Canadian media.

Multi-Cultural Vendors

With the absence in 2023 of other big festivals in Toronto, Taste of Manila has become the 2nd largest festival in Ontario. We definitely will attract more than the regular 135 vendors in the past as we fill the 2-klm stretch of Bathurst St from Wilson Ave/Bathurst St. all the way to York Downs Dr/Bathurst St.

A Week Of Events

We will celebrate the Taste of Manila 2023 as a whole week not just a 2-day event.

1. Vendors and Sponsors Appreciation Night Gala
2. Seminar for small business owners to help them prepare for the festival
3. Taste of Manila 2-day festival
4. Flag raising ceremony
5.Promotional motorcade along Filipino community areas
6. Luncheon with community leaders & press lunch

Our Key Differentiators In 2023

A WEEK of Taste of Manila celebration as we stage different events related to Taste of Manila's 10th year celebration.

A team of professionals that will handle our sales, marketing, promotions, entertainment production and logistics.

A different type of entertainment that will be enjoyed not only by the Filipino community but also by our Canadian friends as well.

A display and parade of our rich culture and tradition representing the different regions of the Philippines.


Street Scene

Branding Exposures

A typical street scene during the festival, various areas can be offered to sponsors to maximize branding and marketing efforts. These were:

  • putting your banner on the fence behind the stage
  • title sponsorship on the Taste of Manila stage
  • putting your company banners on the street
  • putting your company name at the eating nooks that we will set up on various areas of the street so that people will have a place to eat and rest

Register Now

Become a part of our event by signing up now! Our event is open to vendors, sponsors, performers, and volunteers. Get registered by clicking the appropriate options below and filling out the necessary details.

Vendor Package

Other Considerations: *(subject to change as we are close to the event)

  • Tent Rental - $250 per tent*
  • Cleaning Deposit - $400* refundable after 30days provided that there's no incident has occured inside and outside the rented space. Fees will apply as follows:
    • $100 - oil drips left on the streets or sidewalk
    • $50 - gasoline, flammable material or cooking fuel left on the site
    • $50 - ripped, soiled or damaged tents
    • $200 - unreturned tents and other rentals

Booth registration and payment

Booth Registration

Registration will be completed online. Once our online registration site is ready, we will send you an email. No other form of registration will be recognized and accepted.


Booth Payment

SPARC will only accept these form of payments:

    ● email money transfer for payments less than $3,000 to info@sparccanada.ca;
    ● money order or certified cheque for payments that are more than $3,000 pay to: SOCIETY OF PHILIPPINE ARTISTS, RECREATION AND COMMUNITY.


Booth Assignment

Booth assignment will be done after we have received the completed agreement online and full payment.



Danilo "Sani" Baluyot
SPARC Executive Director, Taste of Manila 2023
Mobile: 647 242 6949
Email: sani.baluyot@gmail.com

Rose Ami-Seaborn
SPARC Director, Taste of Manila 2023 - Sponsorship & Booth Sales
Mobile: 647 780 9166
Email: chief@mykapitbahay.com

Freddylita Mendigoria
SPARC Director, Taste of Manila 2023 - Finance
Mobile: 647 563 7319
Email: info@sparccanada.ca

General Information:
Email: info@sparccanada.ca
Website: www.sparccanada.ca

Don't hesitate to ask any questions!


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